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Alumni Highlight: Shan Huang

Shan HuangMeet Shan Huang, an MPA program alumnus who recently became a PhD student at the School of Public Affairs at Xiamen University in China. Shan recently gave this update to the MPA program: 
     "...I am proud to say that I successfully passed three rounds of test and became a PhD student in Government Performance Evaluation program, School of Public Affairs, Xiamen University. The school of Public Affairs has many joint projects and horizontal subjects with different levels of government in my hometown, Fujian Province. So, in the next four years, I will be able to do what I exactly want to do with my MPA degree, helping the government to do a better job and improving people's lives in my community. 
     ...The professional knowledge and English communication skills I learn from the MPA program gave me significant advantages when competing with other 103 candidates...I will continue my efforts to be a better scholar in the field of public administration and public affairs."
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Last Updated: 10/6/21