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Community-Engaged Learning Publishments - Spring 2022

In the Spring 2022 semester, students in Dr. Valero’s PADMN 6570 Managing Nonprofit Organizations conducted a community-based project with the Westside Leadership Institute (WLI) Startups Programs. 

Through this applied effort, students provided consulting reservices to new nonprofits, conducted research, reviewed existing literature, and produced a professional report of their findings.  The reports focused on topics related to board development, fundraising, and social media management. 

See the full reports below for more information:

Strategic Fundrasing For a Nonprofit Startup, authored by: Kyler McMahan, Sophie Stout, and Samantha Turner.

Capacity Building for New Organizations, authored by: Mary Walter, Ashley Engeler, and Vincent Carson.

Community Development, authored by: Alyssa Palacios, Kate Bowman, Jennifer Jimenez, and Raissa Umba.

Board Development & Fundraising, authored by: Naomi Baende, Kirsten Berhan, and Elizabeth Walsh.

Board Development, authored by: Heidi King, Joseph Erickson, and Kaden Coil.

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Last Updated: 12/5/23