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What can an MPA do for me? 

An MPA Degree is the degree to have if you want to manage in the public or nonprofit sector. MPA coursework teaches students fundamental administrative skills, understanding of leadership and managerial roles and ethical maturity in the public and nonprofit sectors.

 Where do MPA students and graduates work?

 U of U MPA students and graduates work in a variety of public and nonprofit entities:                       

  •      Nonprofit Organizations
  •      City, County, State, and Federal Government Agencies    
  •      Hospitals and Health Centers
  •      Environmental and Natural Resource Divisions
  •      Criminal Justice Agencies
  •      Human Resources Departments
  •      Policy Analysis Divisions
  •      Schools, School Districts, Universities, and State                                            Education Offices


What do MPA graduates earn?

To look at salary trends within the MPA field, visit:

Employment and Salary Trends (

Employment and Salary Trends (


What do U alumni have to say about the MPA program?

See for yourself! Visit the Courses & Concentration Areas page to see what MPA graduates say about the program and where they are working. Also look below to see current student and alumni career updates:


-Matt Jensen is the new Village Administrator for the Village of Perry, NY 

-John Rock has accepted a position as management analyst for West Valley City

-Ivan Mitchell is the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Great Plains Health

-Nichol Bourdeaux is the Vice President of External Affairs for Utah Transit Authority

-Bev Uipi has won an election to represent District 4 on the Millcreek City Council

-Scott Sonntag has accepted an administrative fellowship with Seattle Children's Hospital

-Ian Adams has accepted a position as the Executive Director of the Utah Fraternal Order of Police

-Shawn Begay (XMPA student) is the new Public Health Director for Utah Navajo Health Systems, Inc. 

-Matthew Allen has been named the Assistant Director for Communications for the Bureau of Land Management in Washington, D.C. 

-Shan Huang has become a PhD student in the Government Performance Evaluation Program in the School of Public Affairs at Xiamen University 

-Melissa Hall has been hired as executive director of Weber State University's Center for Community Engaged Learning

-Paula Melgar has moved to the city of Cottonwood Heights as its Human Resources Manager and Recorder

-Alissa Largin has been promoted to Executive Director for the Pete Suazo Business Center

-Todd Marti is the new Director of Engineering at Granger-Hunter Improvement District

-Kelli Wallin is a Communications Officer for Salt Lake City Corporation

-Matt Morrill is the new Director of Security for Primary Children's Hospital

-Sara Sorensen has been promoted to Program Director at Red Butte Garden

-Nichol Bourdeaux has accepted a position as the Manager of Local Government Relations and Programs for Utah Transit Authority

-Callie Tatum has joined the Veteran's Administration as a therapist for the PTSD team

-Jill Flygare has accepted a position as the Managing Director of Internal Operations at the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED)

-Bill Berger has accepted a position as a Division Manager within the Finance Department of the City of Cincinnati

-Kevin Werner, Ph.D., has been named NOAA's Director of the Office of Organizational Excellence

Last Updated: 5/9/17