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MPA Degree Requirements


American Government Pre-requisite

Pre-requisite American Government should be completed before beginning the program. Must complete with a "C" or better, a "PASS" if taken pass-fail or a 50 or above if taken as a CLEP exam (if you do take the CLEP exam, please make sure to ask for a printed copy of your score that you can send to the MPA Program).  A short course for this requirement is offered every fall by the MPA. Courses similar to the curriculum of POLS 1100 may be considered in place of POLS 1100 (the MPA Program will need documentation such as a syllabus or note with course description from institution where taken), but BYU's American Heritage will not count. Advanced Placement American Government (AP Government) will satisfy the pre-requisite so long as you recieved academic credit and can submit a transcript with the appropriate credits. 

American Government Pre-requisite



The MPA degree requires that students successfully complete 42 semester hours of coursework (does not include internship), which is divided between:

              27 hours of core courses

               15 hours of electives. Students are encouraged (not required) to structure their electives around a particular administrative skill, governmental program, policy area, or a particular level of government. For a list of possible areas of interest, please visit the Courses & Concentration Areas page. Elective courses may be taken in another graduate program. 


               Course Descriptions


Students without at least one year of appropriate public/nonprofit administrative experience must successfully complete a semester-long, full-time equivalent, paid internship for which they enroll for an additional 3 credit hours. The MPA Director and MPA Program Manager will determine if the student has proper experience. Work experience in the private sector will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Students will write a 2-3 page paper asking to waive the internship requirement. This paper must be received before the student begins the program.
Internship Requirements


Major Research Paper (MRP)

All students must complete a Major Research Paper (MRP).
MRP Requirements


Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, students are required to first submit the MPA Graduation Form, and then submit the Application for Graduation. The application is due two semesters before graduation and no earlier than one year before graduation.

Graduation Requirements

Last Updated: 4/1/21