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MPA Mentoring Program


 Janzell Tutor and Lis Rosen- 2015/16 MPA Mentor Program Liasons


The mentoring group meets three times per semester and shares knowledge, experience and advice related to professional and personal growth, issues and challenges. The mentoring program invites diverse alumni of the MPA program to serve as student mentors and to participate in the group meetings. The aim is for the student-alumni mentoring relationships that this program facilitates to function as a positive and supportive resource for the underrepresented MPA students who choose to participate. This is an explicit effort to help build community among those students in the program who may face the toughest challenges.


For the mentoring program meeting schedule, please contact the MPA Program Director, Lina Svedin


 “I believe anyone can benefit from a good mentoring relationship. That is one way we get help to grow into what we really would like to become. But in particular, I know that coming to graduate school from a background or identity that is different than a majority of one's classmates can be hard. I had that experience as a graduate student, and I want to make sure that as MPA Director that I do what I can to help those, like me, who may face extra challenges or feel that they lack a strong community to provide them support in their professional development. If you identify as an underrepresented student in our program, we would very much like you to join us.”

                                                                                                                                                                         -Lina Svedin, MPA Program Director


Last Updated: 2/6/17