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ICMA Student Chapter



The purpose of the University of Utah ICMA student chapter is to:

  • Support undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in local government.
  • Offer opportunities to network and collaborate with local government leaders.
  • Connect the next generation of leaders to the complex and fascinating profession of local government.

The ICMA student chapter will seek to recruit members from a variety of undergraduate and graduate disciplines, including public administration, political science, public policy, city & metropolitan planning, and geography.


ICMA's Announcement of the University of Utah Student Chapter

University of Utah Student Chapter Profile on

What benefits do I receive as an ICMA student chapter member? 

  • Membership is FREE!
  • Free registration for the annual conference
  • A Knowledge Network profile on with access to information on best practices, interviews, fellowships, internships, networking, and much more!
  • Access to Who's Who, a great networking tool
  • Access to the ICMA Job Board
  • Full Digital membership, including ICMA's newsletter, PM Magazine Online, members-only files, and content (such as the Job Hunting Handbook and Leading Ideas interviews)
  • Webinars and podcasts exclusively for student chapter members                       

 How do I join the ICMA Student Chapter? 

To join the ICMA student chapter, contact the ICMA student chapter president, Todd Andersen. Once you are a member, join our LinkedIn group! 

For more information on ICMA and ICMA student chapters, visit


2016-2017 ICMA Student Chapter Committee

Faculty Advisors:   Erin Moore, MPA Program Manager 

                                    Paul Morris, MPA Faculty 

Advisor in the Profession:  Mark Christensen, Adjunct Faculty and City Manager of Saratoga Springs, UT 

Student Chapter President: Todd Andersen, MPA student and graduate assistant 


Last Updated: 3/8/17