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You may develop your own interest area by combining courses from several disciplines. While this would not be an official concentration, taking courses in one developed interest area or department can greatly improve marketability to future employers. 


15 credits of electives are required. Students are welcome to take elective courses outside of the Public Administration (PADMN) departmentWhen choosing courses, please send a copy of the syllabus to the program manager for approval. The program manager will determine if the course has a tie to public administration. Also stay updated with MPA program schedules, as we also offer various elective courses.


Name: Nickolas Russell

Past Employer: Spine Institute of Idaho

Job Title: Administrator

Year of Graduation: 2006


How has obtaining an MPA degree from the University of Utah helped you in your career?  One of the major career hurdles in Healthcare Administration is having a qualified graduate degree. At a based level, the MPA opened the door for me to pursue executive level positions. Second to that, the skills and focused learning provide a solid framework necessary to excel in high-intensity and critical functions in healthcare leadership.

What skills learned from your classes, or courses in general, were most important in your career development?  While there were many specific lessons and instruction that have been important in my career development, I would have to say the most important aspect was the workload. Simply the amount of time and attention to detail that was required for each course has promoted a sense of inquiry in my day to day work. Not only am I more prone to question the norm, the courses helped to develop the tools necessary to research and present alternative proposals in a cogent manner.

What advice would you give to incoming students?  Be prepared to work hard, be prepared to participate, and recognize that the degree is not a silver spoon - you will still need to work extremely hard in your career to move forward; nevertheless, you will learn those skills in the U's MPA program.

Last Updated: 10/19/17