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Natural Resource Administration



Includes preparation on management of environmental or natural resource organizations. 


15 credits of electives are required. Students are welcome to take elective courses outside of the Public Administration (PADMN) department. When choosing courses, please send a copy of the syllabus to the program manager for approval. The program manager will determine if the course has a tie to public administration. Also stay updated with MPA program schedules, as we also offer various elective courses.

Elective Courses

The following are examples of graduate-level natural resource administration courses that are offered by other colleges and departments.

This is NOT a mandatory elective list, but rather an example of what types of courses students can explore. Suggested courses would be centered around environmental issues, sustainability, city & metropolitan planning, and geography. Please remember that all courses and instructors are subject to change. 


PRT 6000     History and Philosophy of Parks, Recreation, & Tourism

CMP 6610    Urban Ecology

CMP 6370    System Dynamics and Environmental Policy



Name: Lisa Yoder    

Current Employer:  Summit County

Job Title: Sustainability Manager

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2017



How has obtaining an MPA degree from the University of Utah helped you in your career?  Each course provided me with deeper insights into all aspects of public administration and policy making that I have been able to implement immediately as learned.   

What skills learned from your classes, or courses in general, have been most important in your career development?  Already advanced in my career development, the MPA program helped me to improve my skills in report writing, budgeting, and power point presentations.  More importantly, I gained greater knowledge of the interaction between departments, processes, policy makers and the public that allow me to be more effective in developing and implementing sustainability initiatives that enhance the short-term and long-term quality of life in Summit County.  

What advice would you give to incoming or current students? Enjoy your classmates and all that you learn in the classroom.  Realize that your free time will be severely impacted, minimizing the time available for family and friends, especially if you’re working full time.  But it’s so worth it - I love the interactions and all that I’m learning.


Last Updated: 1/24/17