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Courses & Concentration/Interest Areas

Core Courses

 Students are required to complete the following nine core courses: 

The order listed is the recommended schedule students follow. It is OK to go out of order, BUT please try to complete Administrative Theory and Nonprofit/Non-governmental Orgs during one of your first two semesters, and Ethics and Capstone during your final or final two semesters.


PADMN 6300: Administrative Theory

PADMN 6550: Nonprofit /Non-governmental Organizations

PADMN 6289: Research Design

PADMN 6360: Public Human Resource Management

PADMN 6335: Governance and the Economy

PADMN 6380: Public Budgeting and Finance

PADMN 6210: Public Administration & Law

PADMN 6870: Seminar, Public Administration Ethics

PADMN 6890: Seminar, Capstone in Public Administration


In order to register for the Capstone course, students will need to have completed the following items:

  1. Turned in the University graduation application and the MPA graduation form by the posted deadline.
  2. Completed seven core courses.
  3. Turned in an outline or rough draft of MRP to adviser.

Interest Areas

Though not official concentrations, students can structure their elective curriculum around one of several subject areas, depending on academic interests and career goals. This is an opportunity for students to build a distinctive profile for themselves within the program and tailor their coursework to their long term goals. Students are welcome and encouraged to take elective courses from other departments, however any courses outside the PADMN department which are not listed in the suggestions below must be approved by the Program Manager. Here are some of the areas you might use to build a profile for yourself within the MPA program. 


Education (K-12 and Higher Ed)

Nonprofit Organizations

Local Government Administration

Natural Resource Administration

Policy Analysis

Open-EndedYou may develop an area not named above by combining courses from several areas or by forming a different area from various relevant courses taught at the University.


Please Note: Elective courses may be drawn from various departments and colleges. MPA Students must have all courses outside of the MPA Program approved by the MPA Program Manager. Please send a copy of the syllabus to the program manager for approval. The program manager will determine if the course has a tie to public administration. Students should take 6000 level courses, but can register for one 5000 level course if it is not offered at the 6000 level.  Any 5000 level courses should not be cross-listed with a lower class number (e.g., 3000).  Please remember that all courses and instructors are subject to change.  


Last Updated: 4/8/21