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Public Human Resource Management


Includes public human resource management, organizational behavior and human performance, and labor-management relations.


15 credits of electives are required. Students are welcome to take elective courses outside of the Public Administration (PADMN) departmentWhen choosing courses, please send a copy of the syllabus to the program manager for approval. The program manager will determine if the course has a tie to public administration. Also stay updated with MPA program schedules, as we also offer various elective courses.

Elective Courses

The following are examples of graduate-level human resource courses that are offered by other colleges and departments.

This is NOT a mandatory elective list, but rather an example of what types of courses students can explore. Please remember that all courses and instructors are subject to change. 


PADMN 6340     Organizational Productivity & Change

PADMN 6965     Adaptive Leadership

PADMN 6965     Social Justice Leadership



Name: P. Jeff Mulitalo

Current Employer: Utah Department of Human Resource Management

 Job Title: Director of Business Intelligence, Operations, and Strategy  


 "Simply put, the University of Utah's Master of Public Administration program has been the defining influence of my career and professional development.  The reputation of the program and the degree has provided me with many desired opportunities.  As it pertains to my current position, it was my involvement in this program that secured me an interview - allowing me to compete with others who were more experienced.

Perhaps of even greater value is the quality of mentoring rendered by each member of the faculty. In addition to the desired expertise, the faculty routinely demonstrated an investment into my professional interests and the careers of every student. Because the faculty made time for me, my time in the program made more of me.

I didn't realize at the time I was taking the Organizational Productivity and Change course that it would have such a far-reaching impact in my professional life. I found that the content of the class had a pragmatic application to what I was observing in my organization. Upon completing the MPA program, I have regularly used the methods of analysis from this class in leadership roles I have had for the Utah State Courts, the Department of Health, the Governor's Office, and the Department of Human Resource Management. I have referenced the materials more than once in projects ranging from developing leaders, consulting on government operations, to leading my own change efforts. 

The value of these experiences cannot be overstated.  From what I can gather, I consider this program to be unique among its contemporaries."           



Name: Susan Biesele

Current Employer: Retired

Job Title: Human Resources Director

Year of Graduation: 1993


How has obtaining an MPA degree from the University of Utah helped you in your career?  The master's degree gave me opportunities for advancement that I may not have had otherwise.

What skills learned from your classes, or courses in general, were most important in your career development?  Constitutional law (especially employment law), statistics (very helpful for exam development and for wage and salary administration) and general writing skill.

What advice would you give to incoming students?  Keep your eye on the ultimate goal (the degree) but enjoy the journey. Obtaining the degree will bring you a feeling of great accomplishment, regardless of what career you end up in or what you do in life.

Last Updated: 1/24/17