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Community-Engaged Learning

 The MPA Service mission statement explains that it is our duty as faculty, staff, and students to devote time and expertise to our communities. What better way to gain public and nonprofit management skills, than to roll up our sleeves and enrich the community that surrounds us? Whether it is through community-based classwork, graduate assistantships, internships, or learning abroad programs, MPA students get involved! Click on the links below to learn more about MPA students that have engaged in their community: 

Community-based Classwork  

Graduate Assistantships

Internship Experiences

Learning Abroad

 Community-Engaged Learning Publishments

Fall 2017 - Congratulations to Dr. Jesus Valero's Nonprofit Management class for completing an impactful CEL project for Latino Behavioral Health Services (LBHS) in Utah. Students in Dr. Valero's class were able to publish four reports to assist LBHS leadership as the nonprofit expands services within the state. The reports include briefs on: Leadership Governance, Internal Operations, Financial Management, and Fund Development. See the full reports below for more information. 

Leadership and Governance Report, authored by: Jessica Arthurs, Ashkan Azmak, Cisco Davey, Amy Gay, Andy Pierucci, and Tania Villatoro.

Internal Operations Report, authored by: Jose Chacon, Stacie Cottrell, Sahara Hayes, Ginger Phillips, Kassandra Tello, and Alexia Williams.

Financial Management Report, authored by: Deba Masterson, Alyssa Sorensen, Gagandeep Kaur Thomas, and May Victoria Wilson.

Fund Development Report, authored by: Carlos Flores, Michael Hall, Danielle Lankford, Caleb Larkin, Shahar Lawrence, and Sarah Senft. 


Spring 2019Congratulations to Dr. Jesus Valero's Managing Nonprofit Organizations class for completing a consulting project for Comunidad Materna en Utah (CMU). Students in Dr. Valero's class were able to publish three reports to assist CMU. The reports include briefs on: Fund Development, Legal and Ethical Issues, and Collaboration Building and Management. See the full reports below for more information. 

Fund Development Report, authored by: Kathy Abarca, Kristen Edwards, Georgina Griffith, Candice Pierucci, and Holly Richardson.

Legal & Ethical Issues Report, authored by: Carly Ward, Kendra Kastelan, Monica Salas, Stephany Murguia, and Zach Buie.

Collaboration Building & Management Report, authored by: Chrissy Upton, Halley Jones, Katie Wornek, Laura Madsen, and Preston Garbett.

Community Engagement Spotlight



     MPA students Shirlee Draper (left) and Ashley Hoopes (right) attended Community Action Partnership (CAP) of Utah’s annual Poverty Conference in April 2016. The conference is a two-day training and networking event for professionals and volunteers in the nonprofit, government and business sectors whose work is focused on alleviating poverty in Utah. They are joined in the photo by MPP alum Barb Munoz (center), who is CAP’s Policy Analyst.



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