MPA Degree Requirements



The MPA degree requires that students successfully complete 42 semester hours of coursework (does not include internship), which is divided between:

              27 hours of core courses

               15 hours in an area of concentration (electives). Concentration courses may be taken in another graduate program. However, please be                   advised that at least 3 concentration credits must be taken within the MPA program for a total of 30 credits in the MPA program.

               Course Descriptions


Students without at least one year of appropriate public/nonprofit administrative experience must successfully complete a semester-long, full-time equivalent, paid internship for which they enroll for an additional 3 credit hours. The MPA Director and MPA Program Manager will determine if the student has proper experience. Work experience in the private sector will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Students will write a 2-3 page paper asking to waive the internship requirement. This paper must be received before the student begins the program.
Internship Requirements


Major Research Paper (MRP)

All students must complete a Major Research Paper (MRP).
MRP Requirements